Duda Announces WooRank Combination

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Duda announced the combination of WooRank SEO auditing and site optimization tool, supplying agencies that construct websites on the platform a simple way to develop optimized websites.

WooRank deals a suite of search and marketing optimization tools that are useful for:

  • Keyword research study
  • Rank tracking
  • SEO efficiency auditing
  • On-page SEO audits

According to the press release statement:

“WooRank, which is developed for digital marketing firms by Bridgeline Digital, allows users to track and optimize technical SEO efficiency, material marketing, and social networks existence.

This partnership in between the 2 companies will allow users to construct websites on Duda’s effective platform, with smooth access to a series of SEO tools developed with agencies in mind.”

The blog post on Duda’s site offered this overview:

“Utilizing the WooRank App, you’ll have the ability to carry out an extensive analysis of your customers’ websites from within the Duda editor, including their on-page aspects, technical SEO, and backlink profile.”

Duda Professional Site Contractor Platform

Duda is a platform for developing websites that is popular with agencies, enabling them to develop high efficiency sites that are optimized and attractive.

Web design and SEO companies utilize the streamlined workflow to fast track website development and optimization for clients.

The WooRank app supplies actionable advice for improving search efficiency, plus extensive traffic analysis.

The Duda app shop explains the advantages of the WooRank traffic analysis component:

“As soon as a site is released, WooRank can visualize that website’s traffic and understand key metrics like page views, session lengths, and bounce rates.

In addition, it finds out where their traffic is originating from, what web material is the highest performing, and what communication channels are most efficient– all at the page level.”

It is a well-rounded tool that offers a structure for tuning a website for high efficiency online.


WooRank is a SaaS service that, like Duda, is well-positioned as a tool to help companies streamline the client SEO workflow.

So the match between the two companies is a win-win for companies and their customers.

How WooRank Incorporates Within Duda

WooRank is accessible from inside the Duda Editor. It works as an in-editor SEO auditing tool.

This provides companies site auditing and optimization tools within the familiar Duda user interface.

It likewise works on the live site to examine particular items that can’t be examined up until the website is released and live.

However in general, the WooRank tool likewise deals with sites that are not yet released, allowing firms to investigate the on-page SEO to optimize a website prior to launch.

WooRank is an app add-on that’s available within the Duda app store. Rates start at $9.99 to 49.99 per month.

The integration of WooRank with Duda extends its capabilities as an expert website building platform and all-in-one digital marketing tool.


A Check out The WooRank App On Duda’s Platform

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